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About Jessica

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Kunz and I’m a real estate investor, agent, business partner and proud Mama to these joyful little humans. They have been my motivation to not only dive into my own investing journey, but help others achieve the same level of flexibility and financial freedom. Originally a Denver native, I graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Mathematics, so I guess you can say I have a love for number crunching and problem solving. This knowledge, coupled with my 10 years of sales and leadership experience in the financial and medical device industry has given me the necessary skills and strategic edge to confidently and responsibly build a real estate portfolio, as well as lead others to do the same.

As a multi-family investor, I understand the complexities that can come with effectively building and maintaining a portfolio. I want to leverage my own experience to assist and educate you with your personal investing goals. I fervently believe that real estate is the investment vehicle to greatly grow and maintain long term wealth.

Real Estate Investing Done Confidently

I get it, real estate investing can seem overwhelming. You’re probably thinking…

“What is the best investment strategy?”

“How do I analyze a property to determine profitability?”

“How will I fund the deal? “

“Who will help manage my properties?”

“When is the right time to refinance or sell?”

But you don’t have to worry! We will answer all these questions together based on your specific goals! As your trusted partner, I will help you capture maximum value, avoid costly mistakes, and be guided through the process step by step!

Maximize Results, Minimize Complexity

Let’s get to it…

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Step 3
Develop an individualized plan of action whether buying or selling based on your investment strategy.

Step 4
Execute the plan of action together!

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