Mayfair’s Mission

To improve the lives of thousands of people through responsible real estate investing and management.

Core Values

• We manage the resources placed in our care with excellence and integrity.
• We serve and support the communities in which we operate.
• We recognize that profitability is essential for our success.
• We embrace change, creativity, and technology that improves the quality of life of our team, residents, and clients.
• We encourage and empower our team to achieve personal growth, financial independence, and fulfillment in their lives.
• We go the extra mile for our residents, our clients, and each other.
• We make work fun!

Mayfair Real Estate: Your one stop shop for investing and management!

Our goal here at Mayfair Real Estate is to allow investors of all backgrounds to leverage our expertise to their advantage. With years of experience, in both property management and real estate investing, our team is uniquely equipped to assist you in taking your real estate portfolio to the next level. We’ve built holistic relationships with clients over the last decade through transparency, trust, and hard work. As an investor, you need a team that can help guide you through the complexities of acquisition and stabilization of a property. We know the feeling, because we’re investors ourselves.

Here at Mayfair, we take pride in building a long-term relationship with our clients. The relationship doesn’t stop at the closing date; it continues through the stabilization and maintenance of the property. We wouldn’t want to sell a property to you unless we were comfortable with managing it. Our management company gives us a unique insight into market rent, cost of renovation, and the time it will take to get units turned around and rented.

Becoming one of the top rated property management companies didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken years of diligence and consistency. We’ve worked relentless to provide the best possible experience, not only for owners, but for tenants as well. Whether you’re a first time investor or you’ve been investing for years, we’re here to assist you in propelling your investments forward.

We interviewed Mayfair Property Management last year to manage a package of multi-family properties that we ended up backing away from. What I appreciate about Mayfair is that the executive team comes from an investor background. They know what it’s like to be in the shoes of their clients and actively invest in multi-family properties themselves. When the right deal comes along we will hire Chris and his team to manage it for us.