There is always a price that makes a property a good deal. A smart investment isn’t a gamble, it’s a formula. I know this because I have analyzed hundreds of deals myself. I collect, assess, and analyze all data specific to a potential acquisition and use these findings, alongside an in-depth knowledge of your investment goals, to determine profitability. I’ll also help you evaluate value add opportunities to enhance future returns. Let’s start building wealth together!

High Performance Without High Stress

Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.

Andrew Carnegie

Investors: Define Your Criteria

Nothing is more important than defining your criteria prior to searching for an acquisition. Having a defined system in place will not only simplify the process and help you stay the course but more importantly, minimize your risk! You become a great investor when you build a system you know will yield you the return you are after. From there, you trust your asset and make the same decision consistently!

  1. Location– where will you search?
  2. Property Type– single family, multifamily, land, commercial, etc? Class A, B, C?
  3. Condition– value add or stabilized?
  4. Price Range– how much will you spend?
  5. Purpose– what’s your strategy? Buy and hold? Flip? Short-term vs long-term rental?
  6. Return/Profit– what do you need to make to make it a deal? Consider capitalization rate, internal rate of return, cash flow per door. What do you need to see to make it work FOR YOU?